The King Wally Lewis appearing in the latest XXXX Advertising Campaign

XXXX prepares for the King

In the lead up to the State of Origin series Queensland Maroons major sponsor has unleashed their advertising campaign utilising the ‘King of Queensland’ Wally Lewis.

Wally Lewis, one of the eight immortals, is well known for courageously leading Queensland in the eighties to set the platform in which State of Origin is today.

For years the King has been worshipped as he walked the sidelines of Lang Park and the new series of advertisements from XXXX plays on his following some 22 years after he hung up the boots.

The series of adverts currently doing the rounds on Facebook show Castelmaine Perkins staff preparing for the King’s arrival.  This humourous series shows the stress involved with preparing for royalty in Queensland’s premier brewery.

Wally Lewis marching in the VB Regulars advertising campaign

Wally Lewis marching in the VB Regulars advertising campaign

The partnership with XXXX and Wally Lewis seems like a natural pairing but the King has been aligned with CUB’s Victoria Bitter in recent years with Lewis staring in a number of commericals.

Bottleshops and hotels throughout Queensland will see plenty of Wally Lewis merchandising highlighting the King’s arrival.

Check out the adverts from XXXX Gold here